Weekly Adult Classes




TUESDAYS 10am-12.30pm.

WEDNESDAYS 10am -12.30pm

Suitable for beginners to intermediates. This is a general art class that covers drawing, painting skills & techniques in water colour, acrylics & oils etc.

Different subjects and paint mediums offered every month which are tutorial lead with demonstrations. All are optional as you may have ideas of your own that you seek advice on.

We are a small homely bunch and you will learn and gain confidence not only in your art but as a person.

Not sure? Book a free trial session and just bring an apron. Kate 07910189833 email kcree@tiscali.co.uk


FFAF –INTEGRATED ART CLASSES – suitable for all levels beginners welcome

Basic pencil drawing

  • pencils & different types –charcoal etc
  • Ovals – Ellipse – Disc etc
  • Seeing a shape
  • Shading & rubbing techniques
  • Grid
  • Simple perspective

 Colour mixing – Colour Wheel

  • Primary colours/ Secondary / Tertiary – Tonal values in black / white & primary colours

 Intro to –Painting (Acrylics)

  • Brushes – palette knives – sponges etc
  • Paint – wash / semi body / body / impasto
  • Brush strokes & techniques
  • Layering
  • Direct painting –Bole / Gesso (background colour) / map out wash/ high lighting light & dark tones/ apply bodied paint

 Intro to –Water colour & pencils

  • Paper –Hot pressed (smooth) Not (slightly textured) & Rough
  • Stretch – unless you buy pre-stretched paper or heavier weight 300gm+
  • Brushes
  • Paint –brush strokes – washes- on wet – on dry
  • Techniques

 Intro to –Oils

  • Brushes – palette knives – sponges etc
  • Paint – wash / semi body / body / impasto
  • Brush techniques & behaviour of the paint
  • Layering
  • Mediums

 Intro to – Pastels

  • soft pastels –pastel pencil
  • Rubbing & layering

 Intro to – Ink Tense

 Intro to – Mix Media

  • Thickening paste
  • Collage
  • Fabrics
  • Texturing equipment etc




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